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Real-time monitoring is carried out for each vendor and truck belonging to the fleet of a distributor company. The trips made, visits to customers, expenses incurred in the fleet of trucks, suggests the deliveries to be made, the route to follow, indicates the consumption of fuel, etc., allow to know the different indicators of the logistical and distribution management. There are more than 2 million points of sale in the system and each distributor generates 1 million points per month approximately. Ordering system allows sellers to take orders directly in the point of sale from their cell phone, sending to a central system that shows them real-time to the sales managers automatically. It is currently used by 95% of AB InBev Argentina distributors, Pepsico in Buenos Aires and retail distributors in Paraguay.

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Axumm case

The Fidelitas system was developed at the end of 2011 in conjunction with Loyalty Management Group to support financial loyalty programs and business for both Argentine and foreign countries. These programs consist in the allocation of points through the consumptions made with credit cards of the Program. With those points, customers can exchange them for prizes, benefits or discounts. It is integrated with the main credit cards and banks of South America and millions of data are processed daily.

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Fidelitas case

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“We find creativity and excellent time to market in Greencode in the development of each new business we carry out. They always offer us the latest technologies that best adapt to our needs. In recent years they were essential for developing new markets.”

Juan Miguel Trusso

Associate Partner - Tallone Abogados

“They accompanied us in the digital transformation of our company, understanding the sensitivity of our data and the different user profiles we have. Our team felt very comfortable throughout the development and the technological change was much faster than planned.”

Luis Velazquez

CMO - Axum

“We have been working for several years on the development of high innovation products in IoT and Big Data fields. The transparency and quality of work of the whole team helped us, to a large extent, to meet our objectives.”