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Whether you are in the early stages of your startup or you are ready to scale it, we have an experienced team ready for you. Leverage our tech skills and our years working with startups to help you validate your product fast and learn quickly to move to the next level. Our team will work seamlessly with you and your team making sure that you have the robustness to grow exponentially.

Product Development

Are you in the very early stages of your startup? Maybe you have an idea, even an MVP that worked fine but need some help to test the product/market fit. We have an experienced team ready for you. We can leverage our tech skills and our years working with startups to help you validate your product fast and learn quickly to go to the next level.


Are you ready to scale? Maybe you have already found your product/market fit and validated your business model and are ready to grow. Then GreenCode is the right partner for you. Leverage our data engineering skills and our business acumen and get your startup to the next level.

Discovery: the goal of this phase is to understand the challenges and opportunities your company faces and how we can work together to address them. The main output of the discovery phase is a high-level scope of work that will inform the design stage.

Design: In this phase, we go deeper into the details of the project. The goal is to start co-creating the initial product requirements that we will use in the implementation. The output of this stage is a roadmap, the architecture, UI prototypes, and an initial backlog of requirements as well as team size and estimated project duration and number of sprints.

Implementation: we develop the product designed in the previous phase in sprints of 2 or 3 weeks, following scrum methodology. We do this to ensure that we can show you incremental value and get your feedback fast enough to iterate or pivot as needed.

Iteration loop: as we develop the product is normal that the users or stakeholders adjust expectations, see challenges and opportunities that hadn't been seen before and hence provide feedback that either adds new or modifies current requirements. When this happens we go through the design stage again.

Maintenance: after a product is implemented we monitor it, keep it up to date, and optimize it according to the evolving needs of your company.

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